Lecture 4: Taelman’s Class Module and Connection to Goss’ Zeta

Hi Everyone,

Sorry about the delay! Here’s our latest episode in the exploration of L. Taelman’s class and unit modules for the Carlitz module.

In this video Tim gives a nice refresher on the residue at one of the Dedekind zeta function of a number field followed by the Mazur-Wiles theorem in motivation for connections of classical zeta values with class groups. He then recalls Lenny’s class module and mentions some of the connections it has with Goss zeta values.

Please be warned that there are a couple typos in this video, but Tim has graciously typed up some follow up notes which can be found at:




New Video Soon

Hi Everyone,

We’re planning a new video for next week. Sorry about the delay, we’re all just a bunch of swamped graduate students!

Actually, we have two videos in the works. In the first, Tim All will tell us some more about L. Taelman’s constructions – in particular his class module and the relation to Goss-Carlitz zeta values. In the second, we’ll have a guest Brad Waller tell us some about the peculiarities of p-adic measures and distributions. Eventually I’ll get my act together and post another video as well. 

Stay Tuned!